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5 Ways to Calm Your Kids with Meditation

I found this article really interesting. I think I’m going to try it with my son. Sounds great.


I never really thought that kids would be able to get into meditation but this week I have been working on a soon to be released series of 30 guided meditations with specially composed music.  I was mixing the tracks and found my son listening intently and enjoying them.


So.. Maybe this is a indication for my next project… Mmm… Something  to think about there.



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Back to school is a transition. After long summer days of swimming, playing baseball in the park and riding bikes with best friends, kids are suddenly expected to spend hours sitting still behind a desk. Finding focus in the classroom after summer break is a challenge for most children. One tool that can greatly help calm a child is meditation. As a mother of two energetic young girls, I’ve seen the benefits first hand. Below are five steps to help focus and calm your kids through meditation.
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The state of meditation – Techniques to get there


I’ve been busy this week creating a series of guided meditations and as a part of the project I have prepared some introductory videos on meditation.

One of the important topics in the videos is the fact that a lot of people find meditation difficult. In fact, probably due to trying advanced meditations or meditations that were not suited to them, most people find it either boring or hard.
The main problem I hear is, “I can’t seem to clear my mind”
“How can I think about nothing?”
Well, what I say in my new videos is that strict meditation techniques may not be suited to all beginners and you should be open to explore the diverse selection of meditation techniques that are available.
Sitting cross-legged chanting om and clearing your mind of all thoughts is the traditional picture of meditation but this and similar techniques are in fact…  simply techniques.
Techniques to help you get to the state of meditation.
The techniques are not the meditation, the techniques simply lead you towards a place where you can enter into the state of meditation.
Different techniques are suitable for some people more than others.  It is a very personal thing… you really need to explore the thousands of different techniques that are out there to find which ones you are most attracted to.
In the end, the state of meditation is the same whether you are sitting in the lotus position under a tree or if you are jumping up and down in one of Osho’s dynamic meditations.
The end result is the same…
The techniques are many, but there is only one state of meditation.
Here is an article by the people at psychic universe which offers 5 simple alternatives to traditional meditation.
5 Meditations for People Who Don’t Like to Meditate
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Developing an easy and fun meditation practice

This is a great article from that offers a really good and simple way to get into mediation.

Meditation is a powerful gift. Once you develop a regular practice you will be amazed at how your life changes. At first it will be small things like you sleep better or you find yourself easily handling situations that in the past caused a great deal of stress.

Some people report quitting  smoking effortlessly after many years of unsuccessful attempts. I  have been meditating for over 30 years and I could write a book about all the wonderful things that have happened as a results of taking 15 to 20 minutes a day to meditate.

An easy way to meditate

This simple 3 step process works. As with anything the more you practice the easier it gets.

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit with your back straight. Take a few long, slow deep breaths and focus your attention on relaxing and quieting your body.
  2. Allow your thoughts to fade into the background and keep bringing your attention back to your breathing. Sometimes I imagine my thoughts written on the surface of some water and run my hand through them, watching them blur and then disappear.
  3. Imagine opening a doorway that leads directly into your heart or spirit,open it, walk in and allow yourself to bask in it. 
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Reiki For Hay Fever and Seasonal Allergies

I just came across this really in depth article on how simple Reiki treatment can aid and releve even the most chronic cases of hay fever or seasonal allergies.

Check out the article here

Treating Seasonal Allergies with Reiki

The author of the article, Dr. Lourdes Gray, starts by encouraging you to look for the cause of your allergy stating that in many cases the very first time you started to have the symptoms of the allergic reaction was after some significant event in your life. Once the root of the problem has been identified then Reiki can help in the balancing and normalization of the immune system it can start to function normally again.

She then goes on to explain exactly how the allergy works and how it is simply an over stimulation of our own defense system. The body goes into battle mode (normally as a result of stressful thoughts or actions) and then once in this defensive situation the body starts to fight against all certain substances. The runny eyes, and runny nose are simply the body reacting in a defensive mode and trying to cleanse or purge itself of certain substances (polen, dust etc.).

The article also outlines specific Reiki treatment positions for those initiated in Reiki so as to send energy to all of the glands that are being overstimulated by the allergic reaction. Healing music can be played whilst performing the Reiki treatments which can be normal hands on treatment, self treatment or distance healing treatment.

I cannot do justice to the article here as it is a genuinely complete and in depth piece that enlightened me. I will definitely be using the techniques she talked about in my own reiki practice and will be passing it on to my students too.

If you or anyone you know suffers from allergies then please take the time ti check it out for yourself.

New 432Hz tuning brings music into harmony with our chakras and our DNA

Switching to Natural 432Hz Harmonics | Inspiritualization


This intriguing article talks about a movement that is currently campaigning for the change of the traditional ‘concert pitch’

At the moment, concert pitch is measured from the note ‘A’ correlating it so that it vibrates at 440 Hertz. It is now being suggested that this should be changed to 432 Hertz, a change of 8 cycles per second. The change in pitch is hardly noticeable even to the most highly trained ear being a difference of approximately one eighth of a tone.

Basing the tuning of instruments on the new A=432Hz standard makes complete sense. The slight flattening or lowering of the scale brings the vibrations and harmonics of all music into line with our DNA and with our chakras. More specifically with the heart chakra.

When I was composing the Healing Chakras CD I researched into the frequencies of each chakra and their corresponding lightwaves. As each chakra has its own color I halved the wavelength of this color, then halved it again and again and again until I got down to an audible frequency. In each case I came up with the nearest key or tone for each of the colors and chakras. The tones I came up with however were all a little out and if I had have used the new 432Hz standard they would have been spot on.

Check out the article on their website (link at the top of this post) because they go into extreme detail about this. I find it fascinating and for me it has answered a lot of questions and makes complete sense. I will be using this tuning from now on when ever I can.

Meditation Music on the Radio

Internet Radio is fast becoming a viable alternative to traditional radio and there are lots of the traditional stations that are moving online in order to keep up.

I recently came upon this relaxing music channel whilst on Facebook.

Meditation Internet radio providing music for meditation

They play some great music but the only problem is that is is hosted on which unless you pay a monthly subscription fee is full of loud and obtrusive adverts interrupting the calm meditative music at regular intervals. 


Another great place to get to hear a lot of meditation music for free is

There are no commercials here just the music of your choice. You can choose a generic station like ‘new age’, ‘yoga or ‘celtic’ for example or you can simply enter a selection of artist names and you will get continuous music from those and other related artists. This can be a great way of getting to know more music similar to the artists you already know and love. 

Look me up on Jango and become a fan. You will get to hear full tracks and also you get to hear other meditation and relaxing music by similar artists. 

Days for the Chakras?



The Holy Numbers – AUDIO: Thursday is GREEN Chakra Day

This is from a website I just stumbled upon. They suggest that each of the chakras can be related to a day of the week. 7 Days, 7 chakras….  makes sense right?

We know that the chakras resonate to a frequency so high that it can even be called divine. Sub harmonics of this divine frequency can be interpreted as intention, and physical well being with different frequencies appearing for each chakra. Slow the frequency down even more and the sub-harmonics we get become visible and can be correlated to light, hence the different colors for each chakra. A further drastic sub division of the frequency of light will in fact offer a vibratory frequency so slow that it becomes audible and this is how we correlate each of the chakras to a musical note or key. (note that the chakras do not correspond directly to the notes in ascending order but each one to its own note which is a sub harmonic of the associated color).

Now the article above states that each chakra is associated to a day of the week. Fascinating but I’m not sure how this works out. The web page quotes that ‘Ravensdale confirmed that each of these Chakras also conform to the days of the week’.

I am not sure who or what this Ravensdale is. I have searched the internet but can not find any relevant information.

Still, it would be nice to think that each day is a chakra day.

Take a look at my ‘Healing Chakras’ CD, play the track for the associated day and let me know in the comments below if you feel that it is associated or not. According to the article the 1st chakra starts with Monday and the 7th will in that case be Sunday.