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Reiki Music For Meditation Video

Here is a short video with some clips from the Reiki Music for Meditation CD that was released earlier this week.



The Album is just what it says on the box… Its Reiki Music that can be used for meditation. Not only that but it is charged with positive Reiki healing energy so you will feel the benefits of the Reiki simply by listening to it.

Check out the Reiki Music For Meditation video on and see what you think.

Download here or order the physical CD here

New Album | Reiki Music For Meditation

At last the new album is available for download. Check out some samples here
If you’ve been keeping up you’ll know its music from the 30 day stress control course but without the guided meditation.
You can use this album for Reiki sessions, yoga or any activity that requires a calm atmosphere or simply to listen to and chill out.

There has been a certain amount of pioneering on my part with this album as I actually initiated the music in Reiki. The idea is that when the music is played it exudes the healing universal energy that is Reiki, Take a listen to the samples, (or better still get the whole alum) and let me know if you feel it.

Download here or order the physical CD here

Reiki For Hay Fever and Seasonal Allergies

I just came across this really in depth article on how simple Reiki treatment can aid and releve even the most chronic cases of hay fever or seasonal allergies.

Check out the article here

Treating Seasonal Allergies with Reiki

The author of the article, Dr. Lourdes Gray, starts by encouraging you to look for the cause of your allergy stating that in many cases the very first time you started to have the symptoms of the allergic reaction was after some significant event in your life. Once the root of the problem has been identified then Reiki can help in the balancing and normalization of the immune system it can start to function normally again.

She then goes on to explain exactly how the allergy works and how it is simply an over stimulation of our own defense system. The body goes into battle mode (normally as a result of stressful thoughts or actions) and then once in this defensive situation the body starts to fight against all certain substances. The runny eyes, and runny nose are simply the body reacting in a defensive mode and trying to cleanse or purge itself of certain substances (polen, dust etc.).

The article also outlines specific Reiki treatment positions for those initiated in Reiki so as to send energy to all of the glands that are being overstimulated by the allergic reaction. Healing music can be played whilst performing the Reiki treatments which can be normal hands on treatment, self treatment or distance healing treatment.

I cannot do justice to the article here as it is a genuinely complete and in depth piece that enlightened me. I will definitely be using the techniques she talked about in my own reiki practice and will be passing it on to my students too.

If you or anyone you know suffers from allergies then please take the time ti check it out for yourself.

Days for the Chakras?



The Holy Numbers – AUDIO: Thursday is GREEN Chakra Day

This is from a website I just stumbled upon. They suggest that each of the chakras can be related to a day of the week. 7 Days, 7 chakras….  makes sense right?

We know that the chakras resonate to a frequency so high that it can even be called divine. Sub harmonics of this divine frequency can be interpreted as intention, and physical well being with different frequencies appearing for each chakra. Slow the frequency down even more and the sub-harmonics we get become visible and can be correlated to light, hence the different colors for each chakra. A further drastic sub division of the frequency of light will in fact offer a vibratory frequency so slow that it becomes audible and this is how we correlate each of the chakras to a musical note or key. (note that the chakras do not correspond directly to the notes in ascending order but each one to its own note which is a sub harmonic of the associated color).

Now the article above states that each chakra is associated to a day of the week. Fascinating but I’m not sure how this works out. The web page quotes that ‘Ravensdale confirmed that each of these Chakras also conform to the days of the week’.

I am not sure who or what this Ravensdale is. I have searched the internet but can not find any relevant information.

Still, it would be nice to think that each day is a chakra day.

Take a look at my ‘Healing Chakras’ CD, play the track for the associated day and let me know in the comments below if you feel that it is associated or not. According to the article the 1st chakra starts with Monday and the 7th will in that case be Sunday.

Guided Meditation for Centering

Here is a guided meditation that can be used for centering yourself and to help you relax.

It can be used before other meditations, before yoga sessions, healing sessions or any other type of therapy. You can also do this meditation on your own without the music and guide once you have learned it.

The music is original and specially composed for this meditation.