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Music to aid trhe healing process

Guided Meditation for Centering

Here is a guided meditation that can be used for centering yourself and to help you relax.

It can be used before other meditations, before yoga sessions, healing sessions or any other type of therapy. You can also do this meditation on your own without the music and guide once you have learned it.

The music is original and specially composed for this meditation.

Healing Chakras

Meditation CD – Healing Chakras

This is the latest Meditation CD. I will try to make it available on the Internet over the next couple of months.

Healing Chakras

This is basically a meditation tool with channeled music to help you open, balance and energize your chakras. There are two tracks corresponding to each of the principle 7 chakras of the body. Each track is composed using the tones and frequencies relating to that particular chakra. There is a suggested meditation included with the CD but the healing properties of the music can be used any way you wish… for meditation, Reiki healing, most therapies or simply to relax to.

For More Information on the CD click on the image above.

Crystal Heart – Calming Music For The Soul

New Album
Now Available For Download

CD Release Date: Soon

Crystal Heart - Andy Bramhill
Crystal Heart – Andy Bramhill

Here are some previews of the tracks on the album


This album of beautiful and inspired new age / ambient instrumental music will transport you into far off magical realms of musical imagination.
The blending of piano and orchestral instrumentation with electronica combines exquisitely to form an intriguing yet relaxing unique style.


This album of specially prepared relaxing music might be loosely termed as new age. The mixture of electronic synthesizers with piano combined with orchestral instrumentation offer a truly unique and calming sound canvas.
The composition is far from monotonous but neither is it complicated or over indulgent. The haunting melodies and rich harmonies will take you on a mystical musical journey into the realms of your imagination.
Though this is not the typical ‘new age’ sounding ‘wallpaper’ music, it can still be great music for relaxation, for massage or for any other therapies requiring a soothing environment.