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New Age Piano

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New age piano music is becoming more popular each day, so much that it appears to have become a sub genre in itself. Traditionally new age music has been a peacefully monotonous and relaxing combination of synthesizer pads and rhythmic sequences under simple modal melodies. A lot of new age piano music is simply so with no other instruments. The piano uses a lot of sustain and is normally recorded with heavy reverb to give it that spacey, dreamy feel.  Some new age piano music however is combined with synths and other solo instruments as accompaniment.

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new age music meditation

Achahn Chuen meditationNew Age music meditation can be a great aid to concentration. Not only can it help to center you for the meditation but the vibrations of repeated tones and droning basslines can physically help to open up your energy centers or chakras. This along with the repetitive rhythm and sequences can be almost hypnotic or trance like in nature which can greatly assist in entering a meditative state.

There are also some new age CDs that contain guided meditations with calming music in the background and a soothing voice taking you on a journey into your self, this is another common new age music meditation form.
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New Age CDs

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When searching for new age cds or relaxing music you need to be sure of what you are looking for. The term ‘new age’ now has several different meanings.

At first it refered to the relaxing and dreamy synthesizer music which was created in the 1970s by artists such as Kitaro, and to a certain extent Tangerine Dream. Now it can encompas a whole range of styles.

The most common interpretation of the genre is music which is designed to relax and open the mind. It normally contains a low bass drone, monotonous rhythmic sequences and simple modal melodies. This combination of sounds can be very relaxing and almost hypnotic in its nature.

Today you can also find many New Age CDs that  are performed by solo instruments such as piano, flute or sitar.

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Crystal Heart – Calming Music For The Soul

New Album
Now Available For Download

CD Release Date: Soon

Crystal Heart - Andy Bramhill
Crystal Heart – Andy Bramhill

Here are some previews of the tracks on the album


This album of beautiful and inspired new age / ambient instrumental music will transport you into far off magical realms of musical imagination.
The blending of piano and orchestral instrumentation with electronica combines exquisitely to form an intriguing yet relaxing unique style.


This album of specially prepared relaxing music might be loosely termed as new age. The mixture of electronic synthesizers with piano combined with orchestral instrumentation offer a truly unique and calming sound canvas.
The composition is far from monotonous but neither is it complicated or over indulgent. The haunting melodies and rich harmonies will take you on a mystical musical journey into the realms of your imagination.
Though this is not the typical ‘new age’ sounding ‘wallpaper’ music, it can still be great music for relaxation, for massage or for any other therapies requiring a soothing environment.