Andy Bramhill – A Short Biography

Andy in his studioAndy Bramhill

Born in the UK in 1963

Musical Career:
He graduated from the Royal Northern College of Music in 1984 where he studied Tuba and Piano.

He spent several years playing with diverse musical groups and ensembles of all styles including classical, jazz, and pop. In this period he made several appearances with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 1989 he embarked upon a new career in the recording studio where he worked as an engineer and producer.

In 1991 he emigrated to Seville in the south of Spain where he collaborated in the creation and production of hundreds of albums. This work was mostly with established and well-known Spanish artists and groups. His work at this time involved the recording of flamenco, traditional Spanish folk music, and pop. He escaped from the recording studio for a year in 1998 when he went on a world tour with ‘Los del Rio’ (the Macarena tour).

Spiritual Career:
His childhood was marked by the teachings of his mother who guided him in creative positive thinking, aura visualization, work with crystals and hands-on healing, etc. This has helped build his character as a person who is concerned with spiritual growth and the helping of others in the same.

When he was 23 years old he went through a time of pilgrimage, in search of the transcendental, traveling through Europe including a stay in a Hindu ashram in the Swiss Alps where he lived as a monk for many months.

In 2009 he began his training in the Traditional Usui System of Reiki and is now a Reiki Master.

It was in Spain that he was able to unite his interest in the spiritual and his knowledge of working with energy with his professional work as a musician and producer. This made way for his musical compositions which were created from an elevated vibration or ‘channeled’ as he puts it. The works were created with the idea of creating an elevated vibrational level in the listener.

His albums were meant to be played in many circumstances including for meditation, Reiki sessions, Yoga, massage, any therapy that requires a peaceful or relaxing environment, or indeed just for relaxing or going to sleep with.

The album Healing Chakras was created for a two-day course that works principally with the chakras, The album helps to activate and stimulate energetically one’s chakras. Each track on the album has been composed in a key that corresponds to the color of the chakra and has the same vibrational basis as the chakra concerned.

At the moment Andy is working on the creation of new albums and has several projects and workshops planned.

Aside from working on projects involving music, meditation, and brain entrainment, He currently holds courses on Angel Communication, Angel Cards, and Runes. He also offers spiritual coaching, past life, Angelic channeling, and readings.


Andy Bramhill on Facebook here and Andy Bramhill on YouTube here.