Pop Star Miley Cyrus Promotes Meditation

May 24, 2012 | Meditation, Meditation2 | 0 comments

Miley Cyrus MeditationIn a recent interview the internationally famous pop star Miley Cyrus was quoted as saying that young girls should be spending more time meditating instead of worrying about what other people think about them.

This is a great sentiment but I’m not sure what sort of meditation she is promoting nor if she is giving any instructions or guidance to her young fans. 

I believe that what she is trying to say is that young people, especially young girls should be ‘keeping it real’ and not get sucked into certain social circles based on peer pressure and that they should be thinking for themselves and getting to know themselves as individuals outside their peer groups. Great sentiment and good advice… even better if the fans actually begin to meditate but as most people who have tried meditating will know, this doesn’t come easy at the beginning, especially to younger people who have very active brains. 

Check out the easy 10 minute Centering Meditation 

There are of course many different types of meditation… some are well suited to active minds and others not so much. I hope that Ms Cyrus keeps on with the good advice and starts to give some direction to these people. Maybe some of Osho’s more dynamic meditations would be good for her fans.


Miley Cyrus urges young girls to meditate to get real-life answers | Daily Dish | an SFGate.com blog

Miley Cyrus is encouraging young girls to meditate more and take time to discover what they really want out of life.