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The Crown Chakra – The Seventh Chakra

The Crown chakra, the seventh is the uppermost of the principal chakras and in ancient Sanskrit is called Sahasrara. It is located right on top of the head in the center…  at the ‘crown’ of the head.

This chakra connects us with our spirituality and providing a mystic union can help us toward achieving enlightenment.

The crown chakra is the chakra that most will help us on our spiritual path as it opens us up to other dimensions and can give us knowledge of alternative consciousness at the same time as helping us to not become extremist and to remain grounded. This offers you the opportunity to explore new dimensions and levels of consciousness.

When this chakra is fully open and activated it offer great inspiration, enlightenment and open a gateway into the cosmic consciousness
If this chakra is blocked however, depression can ensue accompanied by confusion slow thinking, a closing of to new ideas, tumors or cranial pressure.

The color associated with the crown chakra is Violet or white and even sometimes a warm golden color. The metal associated with this chakra is Gold. The principle stone for this chakra is clear quartz. The use of quartz offers light to the soul and promotes a spiritual knowledge. It can help us to connect our souls with the universal spirit that resides in everyone and everything. It can also help to dissolve blocks, protect us and give us new energy.

When the crown chakra is balanced, the psychological aspects can manifest as inspiration, enlightenment and a unity with the cosmic consciousness. When the crown chakra is unbalanced or not open properly some of the psychological aspects can manifest as limited personal beliefs, worry, inability to open up to new ideas and it can even in some cases lead to madness and psychosis.

To balance the chakra you can use meditation music in the key of G and imagine a ball of bright white light over the top of the head. Imagine a thousand petalled violet lotus flower slowly opening and rotating over the area. This violet lotus flower with its thousand petals surrounded in white healing light is represented in the Sanskrit Mandala for the chakra.