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New Album | Reiki Music For Meditation

At last the new album is available for download. Check out some samples here
If you’ve been keeping up you’ll know its music from the 30 day stress control course but without the guided meditation.
You can use this album for Reiki sessions, yoga or any activity that requires a calm atmosphere or simply to listen to and chill out.

There has been a certain amount of pioneering on my part with this album as I actually initiated the music in Reiki. The idea is that when the music is played it exudes the healing universal energy that is Reiki, Take a listen to the samples, (or better still get the whole alum) and let me know if you feel it.

Download here or order the physical CD here

Meditation Music on the Radio

Internet Radio is fast becoming a viable alternative to traditional radio and there are lots of the traditional stations that are moving online in order to keep up.

I recently came upon this relaxing music channel whilst on Facebook.

Meditation Music.co.uk. Internet radio providing music for meditation

They play some great music but the only problem is that is is hosted on live365.com which unless you pay a monthly subscription fee is full of loud and obtrusive adverts interrupting the calm meditative music at regular intervals. 


Another great place to get to hear a lot of meditation music for free is Jango.com

There are no commercials here just the music of your choice. You can choose a generic station like ‘new age’, ‘yoga or ‘celtic’ for example or you can simply enter a selection of artist names and you will get continuous music from those and other related artists. This can be a great way of getting to know more music similar to the artists you already know and love. 

Look me up on Jango and become a fan. You will get to hear full tracks and also you get to hear other meditation and relaxing music by similar artists. 

New Age Music Radio

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Today there are an increasing number of new age music radio
stations appearing online. People are becoming really interested in this genre and use it as background music whilst working, to meditatie to or for acompanying yoga and other therapies.

One of the most popular, and one of my personal favorite new age music radio stations online is Sky FM

New Age Piano

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New age piano music is becoming more popular each day, so much that it appears to have become a sub genre in itself. Traditionally new age music has been a peacefully monotonous and relaxing combination of synthesizer pads and rhythmic sequences under simple modal melodies. A lot of new age piano music is simply so with no other instruments. The piano uses a lot of sustain and is normally recorded with heavy reverb to give it that spacey, dreamy feel.  Some new age piano music however is combined with synths and other solo instruments as accompaniment.

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new age music meditation

Achahn Chuen meditationNew Age music meditation can be a great aid to concentration. Not only can it help to center you for the meditation but the vibrations of repeated tones and droning basslines can physically help to open up your energy centers or chakras. This along with the repetitive rhythm and sequences can be almost hypnotic or trance like in nature which can greatly assist in entering a meditative state.

There are also some new age CDs that contain guided meditations with calming music in the background and a soothing voice taking you on a journey into your self, this is another common new age music meditation form.
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New Age CDs

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When searching for new age cds or relaxing music you need to be sure of what you are looking for. The term ‘new age’ now has several different meanings.

At first it refered to the relaxing and dreamy synthesizer music which was created in the 1970s by artists such as Kitaro, and to a certain extent Tangerine Dream. Now it can encompas a whole range of styles.

The most common interpretation of the genre is music which is designed to relax and open the mind. It normally contains a low bass drone, monotonous rhythmic sequences and simple modal melodies. This combination of sounds can be very relaxing and almost hypnotic in its nature.

Today you can also find many New Age CDs that  are performed by solo instruments such as piano, flute or sitar.

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