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Healing Chakras

Healing Chakras – Guided Meditation

Reiki Music For Meditation


Reiki Music For Meditation Video

Here is a short video with some clips from the Reiki Music for Meditation CD that was released earlier this week.



The Album is just what it says on the box… Its Reiki Music that can be used for meditation. Not only that but it is charged with positive Reiki healing energy so you will feel the benefits of the Reiki simply by listening to it.

Check out the Reiki Music For Meditation video on and see what you think.

Download here or order the physical CD here

New Album | Reiki Music For Meditation

At last the new album is available for download. Check out some samples here
If you’ve been keeping up you’ll know its music from the 30 day stress control course but without the guided meditation.
You can use this album for Reiki sessions, yoga or any activity that requires a calm atmosphere or simply to listen to and chill out.

There has been a certain amount of pioneering on my part with this album as I actually initiated the music in Reiki. The idea is that when the music is played it exudes the healing universal energy that is Reiki, Take a listen to the samples, (or better still get the whole alum) and let me know if you feel it.

Download here or order the physical CD here

An Introduction To The Chakras

The chakras are energy points in our subtle bodies that are like portals for vital universal energy. The energy flows in and out of us in rotating patterns from set points in the body. There are seven major points and several other minor points known as chakras. The energy must be allowed to flow easily in and out of these chakra points or else the body will start to function incorrectly and manifest dis-ease and illness.

Ancient healing traditions and texts of many cultures and religions talk of a universal energy which is present in all of us. This energy is referred to as ‘Chi’ in the Chinese tradition, ‘Ki’ by the Japanese or ‘Prahna’ by the Hindus in India. In modern times the energy is still referred to but under names like bio energy, life force, primal energy and many many more. This is a very subtle energy that cannot really be measured effectively yet but can be perceived. Manipulation of this energy as it flows into the human body is a key to energy healing to which the body responds well.

The word chakra is of sanskrit origin and can be loosely translated as meaning, wheel, rotating or spinning. The seven main chakras are at fixed points in the body and they need to be activated and open in order for us to function properly. If one of the chakras is blocked, i.e. rotating at a slower speed than it should be, then this can manifest as physical and/or emotional problems.

Each chakra resonates and responds to a different vibration which can be stimulated by its associated color, musical note, crystal or gemstone. It can be quite easy for a trained therapist or healer to balance the chakras and you can even balance your own chakras through various meditation techniques.

In future articles I will be expanding on each of the chakras and their properties but for now here is a brief overview of each chakra and its associated color and energy.

Root Chakra – Red – Associated with primal energy and survival issues.
Sacral Chakra – Orange – Associated with the joy of living
Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow – Related to Personal Power
Heart Chakra – Green or Pink – All to do with Love
Throat Chakra – Turquoise / Blue – Related to communication and self expression
Third Eye Chakra – Indigo – Insight, foresight, clairvoyance and Self realization within the cosmic order.
Crown Chakra – violet / white / golden – This is a purely spiritual connection

In future articles I will be writing in much more detail about each chakra and including the associated properties, gemstones, colors musical tones and much more.

Crystal Heart – Calming Music For The Soul

New Album
Now Available For Download

CD Release Date: Soon

Crystal Heart - Andy Bramhill
Crystal Heart – Andy Bramhill

Here are some previews of the tracks on the album


This album of beautiful and inspired new age / ambient instrumental music will transport you into far off magical realms of musical imagination.
The blending of piano and orchestral instrumentation with electronica combines exquisitely to form an intriguing yet relaxing unique style.


This album of specially prepared relaxing music might be loosely termed as new age. The mixture of electronic synthesizers with piano combined with orchestral instrumentation offer a truly unique and calming sound canvas.
The composition is far from monotonous but neither is it complicated or over indulgent. The haunting melodies and rich harmonies will take you on a mystical musical journey into the realms of your imagination.
Though this is not the typical ‘new age’ sounding ‘wallpaper’ music, it can still be great music for relaxation, for massage or for any other therapies requiring a soothing environment.